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    Home of the Suburban Fastpitch Softball League

    Want to Create Your Roster?

    Go to this page for instructions and a link to the roster creation form

    When you are done creating your roster, go to, find your team in the list, click Roster, and print. This will have to work until the roster exporter works.

    Need Help?

    Read the information on the Coaches Corner page at the link below. There are instructions for everything you will want to do to your team page and schedule.

    2016 Season

    • Team fees $595 due in league office.
      Suburban League
      8120 Penn Ave Suite 100v
      Bloomington, MN 55431.
    • 8U League Standings

    • All Other Team Pages

    • All of the team pages have been created. All of the schedules have been created. All of the coach permissions have been assigned. There are a couple of community directors that assign themselves as the administrators of your teams. They can help you get permission to edit your team page.

    Nights of Play

    • 10U - Tuesday
    • 12U - Monday/Wednesday
    • 14U - Tuesday/Thursday
    • 16U - Monday/Wednesday
    • 18U - Tuesday/Thursday

    Important Notice for All Teams

    It is your responsibility to attend all of your games. This is a travel league. You showed up to a meeting, agreed to a schedule, and need to show up no matter the distance of travel.

    You potentially jeopardize your team's participation in the Suburban League Qualifier, State, and Nationals by skipping games.

    You also cause a hardship on the host team. They assume you are coming to play. They get to eat the umpire fee when you do not show up.

    Remember you get to travel once maybe twice to these locations. Those teams get to travel every time and are happy to do it. Be a good partner in softball.

    Coaches: 4 steps in getting started for the 2015 Season

    1. Register your team prior to April 1st so team pages can be created and schedules can be worked on.  All team pages will be built by April 18th.

    2. Follow the steps for ACE Certification and Background Checks.  Prior to league play.  For both services the fee is $25.00 for year one, $20.00 year two and on. If you only need a background check the fee is $10.00.

    3. Individually register your players to receive rosters and insurance.  Prior to league play.  For 2016 one generic roster will be produced that will be used for league, weekend invitational tournaments, qualifiers and State.  This will cover ASA, NAFA and USSSA rosters.   **This IS your official roster**

    4. Make sure you've taken the concussion awareness on-line course and print off certificate for your coaches book. 


    Coaches Corner

    Be sure to check for the latest information

    All information regarding your team pages, entering scores, adding games and Stats can be found here.